A new chapter begins in the history of the Bernstein Group: Under the umbrella of the Group, the companies of Bernstein Public Policy, Bernstein Analytics, Bernstein Health and Bernstein Communication reposition themselves and combine this with a strategic progression.



Apple recently introduced the new iPhone: Innovation through specialization could the principle be called with which Apple strives for novelty: The three lenses on the back of the smartphone have been further developed for recordings that have never been possible before. These would interact in a highly specialized way to raise the quality of the pictures to a new level. In this quasi-photographic trinity, the first lens takes pictures up close. Beauty is often found in the smallest details, says Apple. The second enables a wide-angle view, and the third brings light into the darkness. As usual in the trinity: Different, yet united in one.

To caricature Apple as the religion of postmodernism – we all know that – at most provides a good-natured smile from the counterpart in cultural pessimistic discussions at late evening events. But something interesting can be deduced from theories of religion and Apple: Differentiated specializations are not antithetical to farsightedness; both can be combined in one and thus gain strength in diverse, complex structures.


Uniting supposed opposites

Anyone who still regards a detail-oriented focus and a contextualizing far-sightedness as opposites has not only failed to pay attention in the area of technical developments in recent years. In the strategic positioning of companies, too, it was assumed for a long time that a decision had to be made between the supposedly opposing poles of focus and foresight. And if this decision has to be made, it is by no means an easy one: The rapid differentiation of subject areas, which makes in-depth expertise and understanding indispensable, speaks in favor of a narrow focus. After all, it is often only with strong expertise in a topic that the fine nuances and varieties can be perceived that make the difference between an attempt and the implementation of a successful intervention. We remember: the beauty often waits in the tiny. At the same time it becomes all the more relevant to keep an eye on the big picture, as information, target groups and perspectives become increasingly segmented. Because with an overview, we are in a position to act as self-determined agents. We are not forced to act by external circumstances. We create the circumstances in whose spaces we move.


The evolution of the Bernstein Group

Under the umbrella of the Bernstein Group, the companies of Bernstein Public Policy, Bernstein Analytics, Bernstein Health and Bernstein Communication are taking a broader stance and combining this with further development in terms of personnel. The Bernstein Group is firmly convinced that combining different things in one is not only possible, but the way forward. That synergies are created when focus and foresight interplay under one roof. That is why it has decided to combine both in a finely balanced way and to derive the strategic guideline for the future from this delicate interplay: With foresight to specialization. Through specialization to foresight.

Following this guideline, the Bernstein Group has assembled an inspired team full of experience in order to further strengthen the substantive expertise through thematic specializations and, in combination with the existing, overriding political, technical and communications expertise, to achieve an added value for the mandates that is unique in the market. In doing so, we stick to our principle of four firms, one promise: Expect Impact.


A new advisory board and transition of the company managements

For a future-oriented personnel positioning of the Bernstein Group, founder Sven Rawe and co-founder Julia Spitze make way for something new. With their 20 years of experience, they continue to enrich the Bernstein Group team in the operational business as well as in the strategic direction as members of the advisory board together with Florian Lottmann. Julia Spitze takes over as CEO of the Bernstein Group, but hands over the executive responsibility over the companies into new hands with many years of Bernstein experience. Thus, Timm Bopp takes over the sole management of Bernstein Public Policy after having successfully managed it together with Julia Spitze for a long time.


Expansion of services for more in-depth knowledge

The range of consulting services offered by the Bernstein Group was expanded by the joint establishment of Bernstein Health with PIVOT Regulatory under the leadership of Johannes Heuser. This makes it possible to do justice to the specifics and increased complexity of health policy procedures and structures. At the same time, Bernstein Health shows how societal changes and health policy developments must be thought together. Only in this way can regulatory frameworks be made useful for medical developments and innovative medical technology.

Under the leadership of Matthias Rolfs, Bernstein Analytics expands its focus on data-driven opportunity and risk assessments to include organizational and process consulting while strengthening technology and data consulting. Through this, Bernstein Analytics succeeds in uncovering previously hidden data potential and productively leveraging it in daily applications for decision-making and consideration. With ingenuity, passion and the knowledge hidden in the data, it answers questions about probabilities, relevance and structure of information.

Bernstein Public Policy continues to differentiate itself in its Practice Groups, which distinguish themselves through their respective policy field-specific knowledge. It enables employees to work and be experts across locations, which has also recently been implemented in the successful introduction of the new Practice Group Climate Neutrality and Technology.

With Bernstein Communications, Ralf Kunkel further strengthens the synergies of the diversity within the team, in order to bring together different perspectives into one far-sightedness.


Diverse perspectives for successful teams

For Bernstein Group CEO Julia Spitze, diversity is a central topic in the further development of the Group: “Successful and crisis-proof teams manage to harmonize the diversity of all personalities and to understand this as an enrichment. Only those who create the space to listen to the most diverse points of view and perspectives will be able to provide successful consulting in the future.This is exactly why people and groups are more successful when they share their knowledge and experience and support each other in their growth. It was already clear in my studies that those who share their knowledge and support others are more successful themselves. In this sense, we will grow through specialization, remain the home for the best minds, provide the framework for continuous development, win exciting mandates and make a difference together.”


The Group as a roof of common values

In their merger as a Group, Bernstein Public Policy, Bernstein Analytics, Bernstein Health and Bernstein Communications succeed in sharpening their individual professional expertise in order to grow in breadth within a common understanding of values and culture. There is value in this common foundation and the synergies it allows, which enriches their work, makes the companies faster and better, and leads the Bernstein Group as a whole to even greater successes.

A new level of hardware, is how Apple describes it. At Bernstein, it manifests itself in four highly specific and powerful angles and capabilities. Different and yet united in one under the umbrella of the Bernstein Group. Their interplay creates the innovation through specialization that will successfully carry Bernstein into the expansion of the next decade. So that it will continue to say: Expect Impact.


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